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Hello everyone,

First of all, I've been stupid. It's all my fault. Not only did I order a seat from GamePOD when they were already dead, but then also waited too long and disputing to PayPal is not possible anymore.

I understand GamePOD ran into personal problems which is why their site has been shut down and they no longer make the seats, but that's where my problem comes in. As mentioned above, I made the payment to GamePOD but never received the seat. And again it's my fault, to be honest all this time I was waiting and hoping they'd respond, as I already tried to contact via Twitter, Facebook and through their email. Only after making the order I noticed they were apparently working on an upgraded seat version, and they had last been active on January 2016 (made the payment in May that year).

So, if anyone has even the slightiest clue on how to reach them, would be highly appreciated. I certainly want all that money back.

P.S. Why I specifically ordered a GamePOD seat was because they seemed nice and sturdy...real shame they quit.

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2 hours ago, Darin Gangi said:

Sorry to hear about this. 

I looked back through all my correspondence with them and all had gamepod email addresses. I doubt this will help you much but this is the last email address I had from Ash, the owner of Gamepod

[email protected]gamepod.co.uk


Yeah, I knew about this email as it appeared in PayPal. I'll give it a try to email there though. Also, hi Darin! :)

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