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Logitech, excellent warranty and customer service

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I thought this deserved its own thread and topic.  My original problem is discussed here:

Basically, I'd only used the Logitech G920 for a few weeks, with less than 15 hours play time, but the accelerator pedal stopped working and I noticed that the wire sheathing on the pedals are pretty weak, and it seems that the wiring was damaged. 


I filed a warranty claim with Logitech, the customer service rep asked me for some details about the problem, and they shipped a whole new G920 to me from the US to Canada, and I received it within about a week and a half for starting the claim.


I don't use warranty claims very often (almost never), and yes, the wire sheathing for the entire wheel set needs to be way higher quality, but I was very happy with the prompt dealing with this warranty claim.


By contrast, I also have the Thrustmaster Th8A shifter, and this thing is solid.  The wiring is also WAY thicker, the couplings look way more robust.  The G920 build quality is good overall, it feels pretty solid (though I actually haven't handled a Thrustmaster), but the wiring leaves a lot to be desired.

Now I need to find a way to protect the wiring, and all the moving around.  I'm looking at getting the Next Level Racing wheel stand, cause unfortunately I don't have the space for a full cockpit and I do need to actually do some work at my desk, so it'd be nice to stow this away while staying somewhat ready to go.

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