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AMS - Formula Retro Challenge

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AMS - Formula Retro Challenge
Try to earn your ticket for our upcoming Formula Retro series !
> The Challenge results will be used to select & invite SimRacers to participate in the Formula Retro Series starting in February. More details soon !

From Sat. 13 Jan 2018, 0:00 (UTC) to Mon. 12 Feb 2018, 0:00 (UTC) :

Automobilista > Formula Retro
@ Johannesburg - 1976
@ Kansai - Classic
@ Montreal - 1988
@ VIR - Full Course

> Server : "SimRacing-GP.net_F-Retro"
All file links available on the website.

The Challenge format is meant for hotlapping & pickup races. Every 1 hour at :00, the Server starts a 15 minutes + 1 Lap Race, if a minimum of 3 Drivers are connected, or switches to the next track otehrwise.
Registered Drivers can post Hotlaps during Qual. and score Points during Races.

Have Fun & Bring in some Friends :)

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