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Awesome setups

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I leave my collection of setups. These setups are made ​​with many hours of testing and fit all types of tracks.I have made ​​to meet the greatest shortcoming of the game, and the cars and the default game settings makes it unplayable.

I honestly do not is because I made ​​them, but they will experience a new game, literally.

The setups that show real life clone, the car complies with all specifications of the real car, top speed, height, angle, suspension travel, gear change speed, acceleration 0 60, 0 100 0 140.100 140 rpm at 60 6th gear brakes 60 0, 100 0 ... and of course the real car behavior.

all other cars, but do not respect the real car specs, if faithfully replicating the behavior of the car, or the type of championship which is intended, Rally, DTM, GT, sporty urban ...

They are also compensated, the easier driving is slower, and the fastest exigenttes and allow more than one fault.

The cars are completely stable, without inertia in straight or curved, you go off the racing line to overtake and return it to stability.

I recommend playing them in elite mode without aid, they do not need and driving. No probe to pad but people say they are incredible. I uploaded a configuration command and a wheel of Microsoft, which very few people are

Just try it, because the game has flaws or bugs in the configuration that prevents anyone who has not detected can succeed. For example, the toe is reversed, does the opposite of what he says, at least in Spanish version.

The only thing I wish is that you can enjoy the game as the creators probably thought, but by poor management no one can enjoy without spending too much time.

I can assure you not at fault hechareis rfactor or GTR, since the game has the physical, but has failed to deliver them for some reason.

only try one car, i sure what you will try all

Shift 2 Nissan GTR r35 Setup real vs reality Nordschleife, demo realism

new version setup


Perfect for VS with Caterham Class A

SHELBY AC COBRA 427 S/C Setup,Clone of real car

Perfect for VS with Caterham R500, clone of real car

.Caterham R500 Setup, clone of real car


BMW M1 Procar Setup, clone of real

New version coming sun

BMW Z4 GT3 Setup



and more

there is more to my you tube channel and I'll upload more

google translator sorry.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Os dejo la que creo que es la mejor coleccion de setups del Shift 2. Estos setups estan realizados con muchas horas de pruebas y se ajustan a todo tipo de tracks. Los he realizado para suplirr la mayor carencia del juego, y es quee los coches y lass configuraciones del juego por defecto lo hace injugable.

Sinceramente no es por que los haya hecho yo, pero con ellos experimentareis un juego nuevo, literalmente.

Los setups que indican clon real life, el coche respeta todas las especificaciones del real car, velocidad maxima,altura,angulo de giro,recorrido de suspension,velocidad de cambio de marcha,aceleracion 0 60, 0 100 0 140,100 140,rpm 60 at 6th gear brakes 60 0, 100 0 ... y naturalmente el comportamiento del coche real.

todos los demas coches, si bien no respetan las specs del coche real, si repetan fielmente el comportamiento del coche, o el tipo de campeonato al que esta destinado, rally,DTM,GT,deportivo urbano...

Tambien estan compensados, los mas facil de conducir son mas lentos, y los mas rapidos mas exigenttes y permiten menos fallos.

Los coches son totalmente estables, sin inercias en rectas, ni en curvas, puedes salirte de la trazada para adelantar y regresar a ella con estabilidad.

Recomiendo jugarlos en modo elite sin ayudas, no les hace falta y con volante. No probe con pad pero la gente dice que van increible. He subido una configuracion de mando y otra de volante de microsoft, las cuales la gente esta muy contenta.

Simplemente probarlo, por que el juego tiene fallos o bugs en la configuracion que impide que nadie que no los haya detectado los pueda realizar correctamente. Por ejemplo el toe esta al reves, hace lo contrario de lo que dice, por lo menos en spanish version.

Lo unico que deseo es que podais disfrutar el juego tal y como seguramente pensaron los creadores, pero que por una mala gestion nadie puede disfrutar sin dedicar demasiado tiempo.

Os puedo asegurar que no hechareis en falta rfactor, o gtr, ya que el juego tiene las fisicas, pero no ha sabido hacerlas llegar por algun motivo.

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Perfect setup por oficcial MS steering weel.

BMW M1 PROCAR, Clone of real car

Porsche 911 GT3 CUP R, inside vs with real car at Nordschleife. Is a clone of real car.

Setup BMW Z4 GT3, inside vs with real car at Nordschleife. Is a clone of real car.

Shift 2 SHELBY COBRA 427 F/C 480hp Setup, Clone of real car.MP4

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Setup, Clone of real car

NISSAN SKYLINE r32 C10 Setup, Clone of real car

LOTUS EXIGE S Setup, clone of real car

Shift 2 RADICAL SR3 RS 1500cc DuraTEC Setup.Clone of real car

FORD ESCORT MKI RS1600 Setup, Clone of real car

BMW 3.0 CSL Gr.5 Setup

MB 190E 2.5 EVO.2 16v,clone DTM car vs Reality + Setup

MB 190E 2.5 EVO.2 16v,clone DTM car vs Reality + Setup

BMW M3 E30 2.5 EVOII DTM vs Reality + Setup PART 1

BMW M3 E30 2.5 EVOII DTM vs Reality + Setup PART 2

PORSCHE 914/6 GT Setup, Clone of real car



Corvette Stingray with L72 427/425 HP Big Block engine, clone of real car of standard competition 1000h sebring, etc.

Setup SHELBY COBRA DAYTONA COUPE, Clone of real car + Skin.Rim original no work with upgrated tire. Other error.

FORD SHELBY GT500 Setup. Clone of real car

Setup del FORD CAPRI RS 3100.

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CATERHHAM R500 SL 2.0 vs Reality + Setup

This is perhaps the best setup I've done, while it is very manageable and stable, is very demanding on the steering wheel, accelerator ... you only have to see the real car window or this awesome video.

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I had to improve other cars in the GT3 as the corvette was too good, and these were a little behind. Now is as good, absolutely amazing. If I seem pretentious, excuse me, but it is amazing the realism of this game. Prove it really worth the effort.

Update PORSCHE 911 GT3 CUP R,



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MAZDA MX-5 CUP vs Reality + Setup

UPDATE NISSAN GTR r35 clone of real car.

Now is playable with helmet camera anything inertias. It's better than the last, and fully deserves the punishment and try to change it to the best of my game.

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Shift 2 NISSAN SKYLINE GTR r34 Setup, Clone of real car

NISSAN FAIRLADY F/C 160hp Setup, Clone of real car


Nissan r35 for time attack. To compete against this plague Veirons, Lambo LP6, Grump. Not if they win, but I'm sure you will not see anything like cars 2xxx, and you be also some original

It is like a GT1 Sumopower with twice the HP . You can go fine as a r35 stock or make Montmelo by drift

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