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Well time has come..lets say I don't think my card will cut it......well I'm egg tigerdirect eBay YouTube and Google and amazon...i just don't know what to many opinions and I haven't even seen iracing yet...i just don't know what to buy for under 200$...well it came to me...lemme ask my fellow sim racers and they will help a fella...well after being out a few years..06 Well the websites aren't the same and some well a lot of the people have changed and really no friends yet led me to hopefully u guys can help

I have a amd fx 8320 msi 970 gaming pay xlr8 8gb (2x4gb) pny GeForce gt730 

A 46inch Westinghouse tv

2 21.5inch monitors

And my wheel will be here soon..coming ups from Cali but I couldn't turn down a logitech g29 Just need a shifter and I am Currently building a rig so please I need help...and please think around 200$ and another thing I don't play any other games but call of duty world war 2 Looks interesting



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