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Need a rig for both Gaming and Work

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Soooo, I guess this belongs here since I'll probably have to end up making my own rig anyway.

I've wanted a playseat for a while now, with my sister shortly moving out I get her room, which does have some more room than my current one, but thinking I'll still have to fit 2 desks in there, one for gaming and 1 for modelling, i don't think I'll have proper space for a playseat. 

Now, I want to be able to play both F1, pCars or any other racing game, but also be able to use the same desk for other games that require a keyboard / mouse or just for work.

This means I will need a rig that's sort of 2 in 1, so that I can use the same chair to comfortably play games and work.

Any ideas?

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