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Iracing Myself Sober!

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I'd like to introduce myself to you guys, My name is Chase Albu, I am 33 years old and from Charleston, WV. I have been sim racing, well let me rephrase that, I haven't been sim racing since Nascar Racing 2003, well since about 2006. I then went into the U.S. Army and served The Great US! well that got me away from sim racing and maybe around some people I shouldn't have been around and so on and so on, well I end up getting myself hooked on pain pills. I used them from 06 to 17, well I made a new year resolution. I told myself, I am going to get sober! And me being the person and hard headed person that I am well, I am doing it without AA/NA nor going to a rehab. Well Since the chills and cold sweats are over I am now up moving around and well, I had a computer and I put it back together. Now, I got a 2nd hand Logitech g29, from a wonderful friend of mine, and I am turning a new leaf. But theres more, now remember I told you I live in WV! Yea, it might be a pretty cool state, but there are no jobs nor not really much to do, thats why in this state the ratio of OD's are the highest numbers in the US, and I am aim to do something about it. I am going to be filming and writing down notes and writing pages like this, tracking my success, and I am going to show every addict or any person that he or she can do anything they dream of, All they gotta do is do it! But I am also going to open and eBay selling store in my state and I am going to have little bit of retail and offer the chance to these good people around here in Charleston, the opportunity to sell their stuff on there too. But my finances are slacking and my goal is getting behind but guess what, My wheel will be here in the next couple days and then I can focus on the task at hand, Iracing Myself Sober! and also, I am taking everything or anything, and half of the money I raise will go to a recovery program that really in 2014 gave me the knowledge to be able to show myself that I can do it. I am so thankful for that Recovery Point of Huntington, WV and i was going to use the other half to start to retail the store and get that part going. therefore I have a link where u can donate, which is  and also, this is the note that goes along with that!

This is the start, of something that's taken years to do, but it is time! I am going use Iracing, in a different aspect! I am going to Irace Myself Sober! I am bettering myself into being a person, that I once was. I am going to find a new happiness and a new love, called Iracing. I am not only doing this for myself, I am going to show every addict out there that as long as you occupy your mind, You can do anything! Just trying to show the world. thats its possible and very simple! I am building a business using eBay and going to try to open a shop for people around here so they can have a place to sell their stuff, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Chase

So if you have read this, or still are reading this, I hope to see you soon, like really soon! In the meantime, I am going to continue to make drawings of how I can make a IRacing rig and all the other cool videos and rules video that I can, and oh yea I almost forgot! Back in the day when I raced in Nascar Racing 2003, =TTR= and Om3gA Chaseford03 and Buckin was my handle back then, maybe ya remember and maybe ya don't, but I use to race in OpenSpeedway alot and then a few league races! and the last thing I am going to say, well not say but quote, In Matthew's chapter 7, A man built his house on a beach, a big storm came, the house fell down, but that SAME MAN (ME, You, or anyone else thats been thru any kind of trial or tribulation in their life) Built his house on a rock, that same storm came, the house didn't fall! Meaning of that, I am using the sim racing family, IRacing, my family, and most of all God to be my rock! 





P.S. I dont care if ya send money either, I just wanted to share my story, and maybe I can save another addict or a struggling soldiers life! I will die with the disease of addiction, not from it!

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