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Hi all

Noob here, just finished building my first rig today. Currently using a PS3 with T80 wheel and pedals, running GT5 and looking to expand. Will shortly be installing an amp and 5.1 surround that I have lying around. Will also be fitting a butt kicker under the seat.

The next part, is to have 3 screens. I believe you can have 3 x PS3 with 3 screens and 3 copies of a game, linked via a router. The center console and screen is set up as a server, the other 2 PS3 as clients.

Why PS3 and not PS4? Cost, simple as that. I've already sourced second hand, cheap PS3s (just after christmas, and people have upgraded to PS4 pro)

My issue is, although I have an idea how it is done, I can't seem to find any guides or tips or how to set it up. Is it achievable? Is this the holy grail of sim racing? Is it a closely guarded secret?

If anyone has experience of this type of set up, I'd really appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.

PS, loving the site :-)

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