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Simvibe with OSW issues

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I am having problems with simvibe.
If you look at my setup, you will notice I have a LOT of devices hooked up.  I don't know where to start in trouble shooting this issue.

Software running at same time when racing;

Simucube,  Fanaleds, JoyToKey, EVGA OCX and Flow Control,  plus various racing sim software.

Occasionally I also have crewchief running but not since having this problem.



Gigabyte Z170 Gaming 7 mobo, i7-6700K oc to 4.2ghz, 16gb ram, 2 mvme ssd, 3 HDD, Asus Sonar video card, Evga 1080 ti hybrid,

Evga 280CLC cpu cooler, 

SIM Rig:  OSW DD wheel, Fanatec V3 pedals, Fanatec shifter, Fanatec handbrake, 2 - DSD button boxes, SimRacing Machine USB adapter for fanatec wheels,  Fanatec BMW rim,  Oculus Rift, Touch , 2 sensors, Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse

In both AC and PCARS2, after about 5 minutes of racing.  I lose my steering and pedals and then the  game hangs up.  If I close simvibe, then restart the games, they work fine.

In one instance during a session of PC2, I had turned all modes off in simvibe.  The game ran fine. I then turned on chassis mode and my throttle, in game, suddenly went to maximum.  I had to close simvibe and PC2 to get fix it.

Is anyone else having this type of problems getting all your hardware and software to behave with each other?

It seems that Simvibe is the common denominator when problems arise.

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I looked at other questions you have on this site and it seems like it is much more then SimVibe causing your problems. It is possible you might have a conflict with other software. The biggest problem I see people having in SimVibe are issues with not setting the correct sound card to either chassis or extension modes. e.g. using a internal sound card for both modes, or using internal sound card for SimVibe and sound. What I found works very good is to use the onboard sound for extensions and then I added a soundcard for chassis mode. 


Then for my sound, engines, tires, other cars etc ... I use an external USB soundcard. I connect that directly from my 7.1 sound system to my PC and it is used only for sound, while the other two internal cards work with SimVibe.

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It seems more likely related to your hardware configuration than SV itself based on my experience. I agree with left888, double check all settings and be sure you have no hardware conflicts and all of your audio & tactile settings are correct and everything is clean and setup to the letter.

If you still can't figure it out, contact SimXperince and submit a support ticket. They can help you sort it out but, be patient as it may take some time for them to get back to you.

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