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Overload in Early Access on Steam

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what the hell is Overload?!?

maybe you are darkly remember the flight game Decent 1, 2 or 3... now after 18 years of no signs of life the inoffical successor showes up!!! if you have still standing a dusty joystick in your corner and want to have a real blast in sliding around in 3 dimensions give it a try^^ but you can still play it with mouse or gamepad! i loved to play Decent 2 in my childhood and its shocked me i heared from a new part from the makers of the decent series :-) you can try the DEMO version "Overload playable teaser 2.0" (yes you heared right a demo like in the 90´s) for free and the early access version is right now 25% off...

it will be later also available on pc, ps4 and xbox one.
and the best thing at last. it supports triples and Fu**ing VR .

if your are interested take here a short view:


hope you have that much fun with the game like i do...

Ciao BattleGear


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