[WTB] [Pay-pal, Venmo, etc.] TH8RS shifter...possibly Fanatec V 1.5 at RIGHT price.

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My TH8RS from May finally sucumbed to its injuries it had with the DIN portion of the shifter...it had been disconnecting intermittingly at points, not always connected right away, etc. Finally, I removed the screw from the DIN and accidently twisted to the point where the connections finally came undone (I suspect there was 1 that had been disconnected quite awhile [I don't know whether to attribute to rig shakiness or whether it was faulty from the get-go]). Regardless, I should have contacted Warranty sooner than later (I can remember the issue being existent almost from the get-go) and have finally done so--suspecting the twisting of the DIN will probably void anything happening. Regardless, I've heard interactions with Thrustmaster support can last weeks to mos. as they are always busy with claims. 


Anyways, I've taken quite a liking Rallycross on iRacing as well as having a shifter in general. I am just too stubborn to use a button or the clutch as a handbrake, so I am in search of a new TH8RS. I like the shifter tremendously and it is so satisfying shifting gears. Now that I have a Thrustmaster base this one shall be treated better as I won't always have to be unplugging it, etc.

The Fanatec 1.5 (New) isn't in my price range but I am open to discounts on a used one. I have looked at SHH shifters but unfortunately unless someone can sway me big time the wait time for one is too unappealing (+ it's only about $30 less than a new TH8RS).


Responses and interest is appreciated.


Happy Holidays,



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You can get a brand new TH8A for $115 from this site www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1114264-REG/thrustmaster_4060059_th8a_a_o_gearbox_shfter.html

Bought one from them last week when they were only charging $97

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