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Iracing connection problemens

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So, i have been using iracing without any trouble for about a year now. But recently connection problems started to occur. First of all I have not changed anything in my network or computer since the problems started. I am using wireless connection (I dont have the possibility to get a cable on the right spot). My connection seems good enough since i get about 80Mbps in speedtest. I am not experiencing any trouble when browsing or streaming. Also when i download games from steam it shows a steady 10MB/ps when downloading them.

So what i notice in iracing:

When i start a session FPS is good and in the little box (connection, ffb, latency and so on) everything is green. Then mid race or mid practice the L, Q and S are turing red and the other cars dissapear. Sometimes the connection will come back and they turn green again but only for a few seconds before they turn red again. Since it is dangerous to keep on driving i will return to pit and end my race. This has been the case for about the last 5 races and basically every practice session. Also when i go to entries i see my ping is sometimes over 2000.

So i have been searching google and i saw people saying to use pingplotter and see where the problem occurs, i did this and it doesnt look very good (see attached file). I am not an expert in networking (also not a complete nood) but i have no idea how to fix it.

Can anybody help me? i really dont know what to do?


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