Clubsport wheelbase v2.5 - No FFB at all in Dirt Rally

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I'm hoping someone can help.

I just cannot get any force feedback to register in the PC / Steam version of Dirt Rally when using a Fanatec Clubsport wheelbase v2.5. (+Clubsport GT wheel, PC / Xbox One Universal Hub, V3 pedals etc) There is no resistance to the wheel at all.

I can calibrate the wheel and pedals in Advanced Wheel Settings and have set Vibration & Feedback to On and played around with various FFB settings to try and at least get some reading. However I've had no joy at all.

FFB tests without issue when using the Fanatec Windows game controller and it works fine in all other games.The Fanatec on-board wheel profile has been set up for FFB and again this works with all other games.

Am I missing something obvious here although I never had this issue when previously using a Thrustmaster 300RS?

Many thanks in advance.

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Sorted....and completely by accident! :)

Was messing around with wheel rotation in the Fanatec wheel tuning menu, reducing it from the default 900 to 720 degrees and immediately noticed feedback through the wheel. Re-calibrated and played around with the FFB settings in-game along with further tuning on the wheel itself and I'm good to go!

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