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Hello everyone reading, 

I have owned my thrustmaster tmx for over a month now, but i've been noticing some technical problems with the force feed back function 

1. when starting up the wheel, the thing shuts on and off 3 times to the left when calibrating

2.whenever i use the game controller set up and test out the forces, after 2-4 times the force feed back stops working, if i unplug and replug it just stops working as a whole, the wheel seems to still work, but the force feed back doesnt

3. In assetto It happens whenever the ffb (which im believing by this is a problem in the gears) feels very faint, but then it turns back on SOMETIMES with sudden jagged movement

4. ive been waiting a literal 2 weeks for a response from anyone, nobody knows what to do. 

5.I tried the unplug both for 30 seconds along with holding the 4 (and the 2) button method

6. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver, it doesn't work, so that also makes me believe its the wheel itself, I dont know what part because I don't want to disassemble just yet 

If anyone knows what to do/buy/fix to help get my wheel to work please that would be grateful!

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When you contact Thrustmaster tech support you're doing it by email.
You do know at the bottom of the Contact Us page, where you fill out a support ticket, is a "By phone". Click where it says "By phone" and it'll ask what country you're in. It might give you a number you can call to get instant support.

I did this with a minor issue with the TH8A shifter the day I got it and while it was a thing that in the end should have taking 2 mins to solve it took a while and they guy I talked to was really cool and listened to what I had to say even on something that was kind of not related, it was a the shifter but not what I was having issues with.

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