CSL Elite Base: fan turning at top speed after start
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Hello friends.
Got a second hand CSL Base + P1 rim past week I'm getting this issue:
Sometimes, being the temperature of the room where it is quite low (around 10 degrees), after turning on the base, and immediately after calibrating the fan keeps spinning to top speed until I start using a game, and once it starts receiving any feedback signal, it immediately self-regulates and works correct.
Fanatec support says this is normal, but I can't understand how a complety cold motor need to be still cooler.
Can you help or leave me your opinion?
Many thanks in advice
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I have the same wheel and it seems to run a test when it first starts to make sure there are no problems and that the fan is functioning properly. If there was a problem with the fan I would want it to be detected before the wheel warms up and needs the fan on. Just a thought.



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