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Hi everyone.

I like most have a wheel to play Forza however this is my first Forza game ever and wheel to that matter so to say I'm excited is an understatement.

I have been using the wheel for AC and Project Cars via my PC and all working without a hitch.

I have installed the Xbox One X and got Forza working, I plug the base in and the wheel spins left and right and back to centre, so all looking promising.

I go into the "Devices" menu on the Xbox and the wheel isn't there, I go into the "Controller" section on Forza 7 and nothing there apart from button layouts for the Xbox controller.

I've updated the firmware and drivers for the base on a PC and the testing program on the PC shows it works...but still nothing.

I have no idea what to do and as yet, still not been able to play this game!

Any advice or help would be hugely appreciated. 

Kind Regards,

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I am having the exact same issue with my One X and TX base. The wheel works fine navigating on the homescreen, but when I launch Forza 7 it goes completely unresponsive and doesnt work at all, either in the menus or in race.


I have found a work around though to get it back to fully working again. If the wheels is unresponsive in Forza, I launch Project Cars 2, where the wheel works as usual, then when I launch Forza 7 again it is back to being fully operational. 


Even though I bouch Forza 7 on launch day I specifically never played it until my One X arrived on the 6th, so I don't know if this is a One X issue or a Forza 7 issue. And just to throw another wrench in there for possible cause, I have a DriveHub module which hacks my TX base (which is xbox only) to make my PS4 Pro think that it's a T300 base (PS3/4 only) which allows me to play Grand Turismo with it. Though I doubt it, but maybe the DriveHub module messed with my TX base and I need to re-flash it. 


Let me know if this work around works for you

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