T500RS problems after v46 firmware update
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Hi Guys,

wondering if anyone else has had problems after updating the T500RS firmware to V46?

Mine doesn't recognise the GTE rim correctly - sees it as a "TM wheel & hub" and the paddles don't operate!

I downgraded to firmware to V43 and it works fine.  I've contacted TM, but they are a bit slow to respond.


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Is there a reason you feel like you need to update the firmware?

If not and as you said it working with older firmware just fine, then leave it be.

If you know what the updated firmware does and it will improve or fix a problem then update. In your case it causes a problem to update, so don't bother with it.



I've looked into it. The firmware v43 does fix some issues with Dirt 4 and Dirt Rally. The v46 adds support for the new rims they've added. So unless you have one of those rims I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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