rFactor 2 Callaway Corvette at ISTANBUL
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The rFactor 2 Callaway Corvette C7 GT3-R is part of the awesome GT3 Pack and it sounds brutal with it's deep base notes at low revs and it has hit my personal No. 1 spot for car Audio in Sims replacing the brilliant 'Super V8' by Reiza Studios. 
Other cars included in the rFactor 2 GT3 , DLC Pack are...
- McLaren 650s GT3
- Mercedes AMG GT3
- Radical RXC GT3
- Bentley Continental GT3
...and these cars all sound amazing as well.
The Track in this video is 'Istanbul Park' available in the rFactor 2 Workshop and it is has been superbly done, a worthy addition to my Track list....unfortunately due to my old graphics card limitations I had to turns down some of the Display settings within rFactor 2  which reduced the visual eye-candy of the track and car and therefore not really showing rFactor 2 in all it's glory.


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