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F1 2017--Separate Wheel and Pedals

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Maybe I'm totally missing something, or I've had too much coffee this morning...

I just downloaded F1 2017 for PC.

I have a Thrustmaster T300rs with an F1 rim, and Fanatec Clubsport v3 pedals.

They are both connected separately. via their own USB connections to the PC.

When configuring controls, it seems you have to go to each SEPARATELY, and assign controls. So while configuring the wheel, you can't configure anything to the pedals, and vice versa. I don't think I've ever seen it handled this way before in any other title. All the others let you select your devices/controllers, then you go to one screen and can assign everything, at one time, to all controllers that are connected. They are not "segregated" as they are here.

On the T300rs, the default settings show that buttons are assigned for the throttle, brake, and clutch. I unbind them there so they can be assigned to the pedals, but when I go "back" to select the pedals, I get a message that those are unassigned, and either I must return to assign them to buttons on the wheel, or I must discard my settings.

When I select the pedals, it lists an "error" for throttle and brake, and if I try to configure them, nothing happens, it just waits for my input to assign them, even though I'm pressing the pedals.

I have just about every other major sim-racing title, and NO significant problems configuring my wheel, pedals (and shifter) for any of them... ever.

However with EVERY Codemasters F1 title (I've owned all since F1 2013), there has always been some kind of wonky thing about configuring your wheel and pedals, and possibly losing your settings if you do something wrong when you launch the title. F1 2017 however, is proving to be one of the most frustrating experiences yet to get a title set up. It's like they took something that was already bad, and made it worse. I'm almost an hour into it, and I haven't even turned one test lap.

I've "Googled" this and searched other forums, and am surprised I'm not seeing any mention of this problem.

Maybe it's something "right under my nose" that I'm not seeing, and I'll have to slap myself in the forehead when I see it.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Okay, think I have it figured out. The way it works is confusing and misleading (as usual for the Codemaster's F1 titles). The in-game default settings for the T300RS are using the Fanatec pedals for the throttle and brake. However, you can't "assign" any "custom" settings to the pedals while on the Thrustmaster screen, not even the clutch.

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