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Dirt 3 wont save my wheel settings GRR

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Dirt 3 on PC. I run an ECCI wheel and CST peddals. The wheel all works fine but when I exit the game, on return my settings are gone.

Anyone know how to fix this? I mate has the same issue with the GT2 wheel as well on D3.



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When you start the game, Don't touch your keyboard before the main menu and only use your "start" or "A" button (for fanatec) of your wheel for skipping intros and for the "Press start or Enter....".

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I can confirm this for sure with the T500 RS. Use the buttons and d-pad on the wheel to make all settings adjustments and confirm settings and everything will stick between sessions.

For the T500 RS on PC the 'X' button will confirm choices and acts as 'Enter' on the keyboard. The 'O' button acts as 'Esc' or 'Backspace' on the keyboard and cancels choices and moves back through menus. The D-Pad will allow you to change values and move up and down the list of options, menus, etc. I also mapped the 'Pause' control from 'Esc' on the keyboard (default setting) to the PS3 button (button 13) on the wheel so I can control everything from the wheel and don't have to use the keyboard for anything.

So far the game seems great, but the force feedback, even with wheel strength and wheel weight set to 100% seems on the weak side. The vibrations are nice and strong even when set at 60%, but the overall weight of the wheel is a little loose for my taste ... I need to try to change some settings in the wheel's control panel perhaps. At the moment all settings in the T500 RS control panel are at their default settings.

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Hi Guys,

Have a Formula Force RX here, dont have a start button and had this prob. I did find this rather badly worded registry edit that worked a treat for me. Copied after this post

In my case, I ended up navigating to the relevant registry key manually, and then edited "OEMName" as follows, "Logitech Formula Force RX USB" essentailly just adding the "USB" bit at then end before saving.

I then relaunched without touching the keyboard and systematically started pressing the buttons on my wheel which then controlled the menu. Just to add that the wheel was then selectable in the "Choose preset" option.

Hope this helps some else out!


Method 2 to Save Control Configurations for DiRT 3

1. Open regedit (press Start button and type in run "regedit.exe")

2. Press Edit -> Find

3. Type "Logitech Formula Force EX" and find "OEMName"="Logitech Formula Force EX USB"

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\CurrentControlSet\Control \MediaProperties\PrivateProperties\Joystick\OEM\VI D_046D&PID_C294]



"OEMName"="Logitech Formula Force EX USB"

4. Make backups of everything you have changed and export reg key.

5. Change the "OEMName" value by double clicking and typing Logitech Driving Force GT USB.

Then deited line with this: "OEMName"="Logitech Driving Force GT USB"

6. Launch DiRT 3 again,1 ... irt-3.html

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