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Vintage Endurance Racing Championship

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Hello everyone,

Now that Project Cars 2 has come out it seems to be great for doing an endurance racing series. Specifically vintage endurance racing. This series will be run on Xbox and we will use Group C prototypes and Group 5 sports cars for the first season. In future seasons we can switch to a different era of racing if people want to. Races will be held on Saturdays at 7pm eastern US time. The session will open at 7. Qualifying will last 15 minutes and the race will start at 7:15. Normal races will be 2 hours long, special races such as Le Mans and Daytona will be longer. We want to get an equal number of people in prototypes and GT cars. To sign up simply respond to this thread with your gamer tag, the car and class you will be participating in, and the eastern US time that you would prefer normal races to start at. Also we will need one person to volunteer to be the safety car driver and another to be chief steward. Entries will close on October 14th. 


-Light body contact only, heavy contact will result in penalties

-We will have full course cautions and a safety car, during a full course caution cars will line up single file behind the safety car. The drivers involved in the accident must pause and retire from the race during this period. The safety car period will last until the field is gathered up by the safety, even if cars pit. Green flag racing will resume after this and the lead car can only start speeding up after the pace car enters pit lane and there will be no overtaking before start/finish.

-If there are two versions of the car you choose, one high downforce and the other low downforce, you can switch cars depending on the track. It is your choice as to which version to use for which track, i.e. you won't be penalized for using a lower downforce car at a high downforce track and vice versa.

-You can make as many pitstops as you want and there is no required tire compound you need to use. 

-Races such as Le Mans and Daytona will offer double points.

-There will be no ridiculous blocking. You can use slower traffic to your advantage and other stuff of that nature, as that is one of the things that makes multiclass racing fun. But cutting off a car multiple times on straights will not be allowed.

-Causing a crash will be dealt with depending on the incident. 

-If you are unable to participate in a race you must contact us through the email address I will give all the participants in order to keep everything smooth. Failure to do so the first time will result in a warning, twice will be a 1 race suspension, and three times will result in you being kicked out of the series.

-Drivers who constantly get involved in incidents that effect others will be forced to leave the series. Obviously in racing there are incidents, but drivers who cause chaos all the time will not be tolerated. 


1st - 25 points

2nd - 20 points

3rd - 15 points

4th - 12 points

5th - 10 points 

6th - 8 points

7th - 7 points

8th - 6 points

9th - 5 points

10th - 4 points

11th - 3 points

12th - 2 points 

13th - 1 point

14th - 0 points

15th - 0 points

16th - 0 points

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15 hours ago, Mad Dog Pagan said:

I'm in. Love the rules! My gamer tag is Mad Dog Pagan and I'll be racing Group C Jaguar XJ-12. Castrol in US and Silk Cut in Europe. 7pm Eastern works for me as I'm on Texas time!

Awesome! If you could help spread the word about this series that would be great. Once enough drivers enter I will give everyone the email address to contact if you can't make a race and so I can inform everyone of the schedule. 

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