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Best wheelstand if you are tall

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The 3 most popular wheel stands, that I know of, are Wheel Stand Pro, GT Omega and Next Level Racing.

GT Omega being the cheapest of the 3 at around $150USD. Folds up quite nice and easily, uses 2 bolts with big plastics caps to be able to thread it on and off by hand easily and the bolts do threading very quickly and no need to tighten them down. The wheel deck supports Thrustmaster, Logitech and Fanatec, same for the pedal deck. It has support for both of their 2 different shifter mounts. You can also add on a seat later as you progress and the 2 will secure to each other very easily.

Wheel Stand Pro is around $200USD. Very easy to fold up and put a way. The wheel deck is basically on a monopod, just a single round pipe going down to the base where the pedal deck is. There is an optional shifter add on, if you can find it. You have to buy the one for the wheel that you have, so if you have a Thrustmaster wheel you have to get the Thrustmaster version of the stand.

Next Level Racing is the most expensive of the 3 at $250. Like the GT Omega it supports all of the 3 major racing wheels. It also folds up easily, has support for a shifter but only just the one, and it too can have a seat attached at a later date.

All 3 can be found on Amazon. GTOmega and Wheel Stand Pro you can order on their website, while Next Level Racing can point to some suggested retailers based on your country.

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