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FFB Issues on G27. Possible motor problems? Please Help

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If anyone on here has had the same issue please comment, Logitech forums have not been help at all. This issue with my Logitech G27 only happens on occasion. about one race per night now the FFB will become very choppy. I have read online that this could be due to the motor/s inside the wheel going out. But those people the wheel did it right at start up and then gradually got better, mine however does it one race usually after its been raced a couple hours but once I back out and restart the race it is fine for the rest of the night. Could it actually be a software issue losing connection with the game or would it still be a motor issue? I like this G27 very much I bought it off of EBay 2 years ago and so far has been a very good wheel! I know I cannot warranty it since I bought it used. But if it is the motors, can Logitech sale me a motors for the wheel? if not, is there anywhere where I can buy them? I want to keep this wheel working if I can..

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