RIP ISRTV, Live long and Prosper
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It seams as if its over the bubble has burst RIP? With Darin now gone and Twisr  Gone is this the end for ISRTV  I sincerely hope not!  RIP! With the change of ownership and things, is this the slow decline of ISRTV,  what ever happened to the video on Berneys  fabulous software. Is it just me? I hope all is well with ISRTV  LIVE LONG AND PROSPER! Bring back the reviews  that ended when someone got a new job!


What now for TWISR I miss you like crazy if not TWISR the perhaps  TMISR once a Month? Sure the shows must have taken a lot out of the presenters but I say bring it back, I miss it. Sure there has been live shows/segments but I find that the video has been deleted I missed it and that’s it!!! Plz.


So now what would you like to see from TWISR and the crew bin it? Bring it back? Alter it? Aren’t these forums and website Well thought of? Your thoughts!! I don’t post much but I miss the shows, videos, Forum posts, …, … Bring back Billy, Aussie Stig and … pretty pls

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