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Forza Motorsports 3

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I have not driven GTR EVO but the GT4 version looks great, i spent around 100 hours on that one.

I cant say i like the handling on GT4 compared to other games tough.

agreed the GT$ version of the rings is one of the best Ive driven. And again agreed that theres somit about the GT4 handling which anit right

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I have over 100 laps on the real track and i have to say that the NFS Shift one is way off.

The Forza 2 one has some flaws but they have a great model that you really can learn the track from.

Only watched a few videos of NFS Shift on youtube, but it looked more like the GT4 version than FM2. In GT4 the Nordschleife is a real challenge and fun, but I find it's not very challeging in FM2 unless you're in the really fast cars. In FM2 the turns are not so sharp and you can carry much more speed compared to GT4 version, and less bumby too. So still I'm wondering if they did improvements in FM3. If it is as good as the GT4 version, I would be very happy.

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In this forum post there is a great speed chart with all the corer speeds of the track with different cars.

The images are a bit to large for this forum, just go there and download them.


The laptimes are BTG (Bridge To Gate). Measured fro the first bridge to the gate on the final straigth.

The list contains several cars and can be used as a reference when playing a sim it contains the following cars:

Mini Cooper Clubman D 9:19

Suzuki Swift Sport 8:50

Renault Clio Sport Ph 1 8:37

BMW Z3 Coup 8:14

BMW M3 E36 8:10

Lamborgini Gallardo SE 7:54

BMW M3 CSL 7:47

Porsche 996 GT3 MkII 7:45

Porsche 996 GT3 MkI 7:41

LOADED M3 CSL Supercharger 7:28

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I think that Shift is not a sim at all. If it's done by Simbin doesn't mean that it is superb done. NFS doesn't know anything about sims. The same as Grid and Dirt. This games are just fun and they feel like a racing sim but nobody even wanted to do them so.

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Dont forget everyone, Forza 3 has built-in support for a multi-screen setup! Pretty nice for a console title, eh? Some have used 5 screens total. Darin/Shaun, perhaps you guys could do a piece about this? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Forza is the only console game capable of using multiple screens. Yet another feature against GT. There used to be a guide on to setting it up, but I was not able to find it since they changed their site. Here is a forum thread about the topic, and you can see some pics and links to youtube vids as well:


Forza Fan since May 2005!

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heres what I could find

What do you get when you play Forza Motorsport 2 over a network of up to five Xbox 360 game consoles with just as many monitors, and combine the view with an incredible VRX-style (see photo) racing cockpit? The result is one of the most immersive racing simulations available anywhere, as well as your own personal Forza 2 garage of more than 300 cars to test drive. When we set out to develop Forza 2, we wanted to reward the niche group of players out there who would go the extra six-thousand dollar mile to have ultimate rig for that over-the-top experience. Which is why we also understand that an article like this can not only serve as a useful guide for those who are hardcore enough to attempt a cockpit like this, but it's also good for all the rubberneckers out there who want a glimpse at lifestyles of a diehard Forza fan.

First, our multiscreen setup recommendations. In order to setup multi-screen functionality in Forza Motorsport 2 you will need the following equipment:


Multiple Xbox 360 game consoles, one per video display.

Multiple copies of Forza Motorsport 2, one per video display.

A network hub or switch, preferably a 100 Megabit or better switch. The hub or switch should have at least as many ports as you are setting up systems and one more for connecting to the rest of your network.

Multiple video displays, for the three forward screens, (assuming you are setting up this way) the video displays must be identical. The same size and from the same manufacturer, they should also be produced around the same time, as models do change over time.


A racing seat that provides a stable platform.

The Microsoft Wireless Racing Wheel. As the APIs for the console have been released, we expect that by late 2007 or early 2008 there should be alternatives too. The steering wheel and pedals should be mounted solidly to the base. This can be accomplished with the provided clamp, but we recommend augmenting this with some strong double-sided tape, or with other hardware such as nuts and bolts.

Furniture capable of positioning the forward viewing screens at the same level, and at eye level to the player. Because different players are different heights, ideally the setup should allow the monitors to be adjusted up and down to line up correctly for the player. Alternatively the racing chair can be adjusted up and down.

Click the pic to see an example of a triple-screen setup measured and lined-up correctly.

The Setup:

You can configure multi-screen through the in-game Options menu “Network Cockpit” in many different ways. On any different sub-network you can configure up to 12 different “Network Cockpits”, each, however, must be assigned a different “channel” numbered 0-12. On each channel you can select up to 6 different views depending on your cockpit configuration. The “primary” view must be on the multi-screen “Host”, that is where the in-game HUD will appear. The primary view should be set to “Normal” or “Center”.

The available views per screen are:

“Normal” – the regular view you get when playing the game

“Center” – the center view of a three-screen configuration

“Right” – the right view of a three-screen configuration

“Left” – the left view of a three-screen configuration

“Replay” – a real time spectator view

“Rear” – a rear view mirror view

Some common view configurations:

3 screens: Center, Right and Left.

2 screens: Normal and Rear

2 screens: Normal and Replay

4 screens: Center, Right, Left and Rear

Set up your Xbox 360s and connect them to the hub or switch. Then connect the hub or switch to the rest of your network and launch Forza Motorsport 2 on all consoles. Your profile and Xbox Live account should be located on the primary screen.

If you set "Degrees Hidden" too high, you'll see the edges of the screens not lined up (e.g., the barriers here are not continuous).

If you set "Degrees Hidden" too low, you'll see objects between screens not lined-up and even double-up.

For setting up the three-screen view, you should angle your screens between 30 and 60 degrees to each other. All the screens should be the same size and from the same manufacturer, they can be wide-screen or regular TVs. The driver’s head should be located at the center of all 3 screens. The driver’s head should also be located vertically in the middle of the screens.

Once all your 360s are connected and powered on, place the Forza Motorsport 2 discs in all consoles. After the game launches, on the primary view go to the “Options” menu and select "Multiscreen Setup."

In the options menu turn the ON/OFF to ON.

Select the same “Channel” on all Xbox 360s. The channel must be different than the channel selected on any other multi-screen setup on the same sub-network (e.g., if you were running two sets of multi-screen cockpits on the same sub-net).

Select Host on the primary screen of your 3 screen setup, select Client on all other screens.

Set the angle between screens to be the angle between the monitors in your setup. The coverage angle of each monitor will be the same as the angle between monitors. So for instance in the default configuration, there is 60 degrees between monitors and 60 degrees of coverage per screen.

The “Hidden Degrees” setting in the Multiscreen menu is the number of degrees of view that are hidden between the viewable areas of adjacent monitors. This depends on the distance between the drivers head and the distance between the viewable edges of the monitors. The formula for the actual degrees hidden is 2*atan(1/2*a/b) where “a” is the distance from the viewable edge of one monitor to the next, and b is the distance from the drivers head to the intersection of the two monitors. Although this will give you a good starting value for “Hidden Degrees”, different monitors hide different amounts of the view generated by the game. You will have to play the game to make further adjustments. If you see elements appear double at the screen edges or you see things appear on the sides before you expect them to cross, then increase the degrees hidden. If it takes too long for items to cross from the center to the side screens then reduce the degrees hidden.

If you are setting up a 3 screen view, set the “Hidden Degrees” the same on all 3 screens in the 3 screen view. Set the middle screen to “Center” and left and right screens to “Left” and “Right”.

Exit the multi-screen setup, and select A to reboot all systems.

Click on this photo to get a better look at how your setup menus are supposed to look if you've configured all your Xbox 360s correctly.

What game modes are supported with triple-screen?

All game modes are supported including playing system link and playing over Xbox Live. However replays do not show up on the peripheral (side) screens. When watching a replay after a race or in the replay theatre, it will only be viewable on the center screen.

Do I need to upgrade all my machines when there is an update from Xbox Live?

You will need to upgrade all your machines from Xbox Live when there is an auto-update. To do this you will have to roam your Xbox Live profile to each of the multi-screen clients and then launch the game and download the update over Xbox Live. You do not need a premium system to update from Xbox Live, but you will need some storage device (i.e., a memory unit). When you are done you will need to move your Xbox Live account back to the primary screen to play the game.

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Picked mine up a few hours ago. Only had time to run up to the first class championship. Been fun right out the box.

Early first impressions follow:

Something about Forza 3 just seems "smoother" compared to it's predecessors. It's smother jumping into races, graphics run smoother, controls even with a normal controller are smoother and less "herky-jerky".

My only complaint so far is that even if you take the racing line away from an AI opponent, they will still try and go there, they WILL try to force you off the track. But on the flipside, I had an AI opponent try to outbreak me into a hairpin turn and run completely off track all on his own. I like the fact the AI is more aggressive, but I also hope it doesn't equate into "dirty" driving. I like to run clean races but have had a few AI cars knock and bounce into me already only a couple of weeks into the game.

I can't wait til my 911 wheel gets here in a few weeks. I can already tell I will sink much more time into this racer than I did any other console racer before.

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That's a general problem with AI in most race sims. They almost never seem to detect other cars on track, although I have seen SimBin AI cars evade me on occasion when I steal a line from them.

Well, it's not quite like that, there is some "railing" to the AI, but what I mean is that they have purposely tried to cut me off, they have gone off their own line to mess my line up. I guess that is more akin to what I was trying to say.

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Hi all

I have some free skins up if you would like some ( srt one in the pipe line ) only gamepods up so far but have done a few others tonight ( fanatec being one )just have not uploaded will be up in 10 hours, so search gamepod and get downloading.

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Been playing Forza 3 for about 3 hours now and I have say it's awesome!

Plus, they have NASCAR Stock cars on there for the first time and about 8 ovals. Between the road courses, ovals and Drag strips I don't think I'll need anything else. And the cars seem to handle so much better than FM2. I'm having a blast racing my little Fiat Abarth around and I usually hate driving those little cars. Plus, it has split screen. I know.. big deal... but my wife loves to race me and she hates all my other racing games because she can't crash into me... lol.

Hope everyone else is having as much fun as I am !!!!!

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Made a skin for my fav F-class car. It's free and on my storefront ( pyquila or search for wunderbar )



It's far from perfect. But it does look nice in replays =)

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how do you upload photos ?

Cant seem to find it in fm3

Fanatec 911 now up search fanatec on buy designs and then ckick go to owners storefront.

Also a 131 abarth but this one is not free

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