(SOLD) FS: TH8RS and M12x1.25 Adapter
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(SOLD for all of it)

Selling a TH8RS that has served me well.
Have bought a fanatec CSS since however.

So thats why im selling this.

asking $100 + Shipping

Also have an adapter for it that screws in to let you attach a regualr shift knob. (I used to attach my FRS, and WRX stock shift knobs M12x1.25)
Also another adapter that i tottaly forgot how i used it for. I think it was used to attach a M12x1.125 knob for a lower height on the TH8RS. 
Basherboards made these for me a long whiles back

Both for $10+ shipping


Located in NYC




2015-09-05 21.24.26.jpg

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