Like New *PlaySeat* Revolution Black Edition

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Playseat Revolution Black Edition  *LIKE NEW*
I bought this playseat brand new a couple months ago online from playseat usa. for 400 shipping (came from Netherlands). I recently just got a job promotion and have to move states. Because I am pressed for time I am looking to get rid of a lot of bigger items I have so I can move quickly and with fewer headaches. My loss your gain. 
*Does NOT come with wheel or pedals*
Comes with original box and packaging along with free iracing trial.

seat 2.jpg

seat 3.png


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20 hours ago, ndw1138 said:

 Jason, you ordered on the 7th. It tells you it will ship in 3-5 working days. It went to the post office on Saturday the 12th. I updated your status the day it was mailed. I updated you post this as well, upon your inquiry. Sorry your upset but I can't make the USPS move any faster. If your upset, then please just send it back and I'll totally refund you. I can't do anything to make it any faster. Since then I've got the turn around to be about 1-2 days, but the first weekend I went through my entire stock (60) and was going at the highest speed I could to get all the orders filled and keep the quality where I was happy. 


Understood.  Not in Today's mail either 

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