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New guy going high end would like hardware advice.

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Hi all, I recently started purchasing sim rig equipment (hopefully haven't made to many mistakes) but I wanted some advice before I continue my build.

so far.

gtx 1080 x2sli 16g ddr4 4 ram 6850k cpu

sim-lab p1 chassis 

simlab triple vesa mount

3x benq 35" 144hz 1080p

2017 smurf blue corvette grand sport seat ( I work at Chevy great discount)

hpp prx se pedals.

htc vive 

thats it for now still need 

shifter ( not sure yet)

wheel ( right now thinking small mige 20)

wheel ( thinking Sam maxwell custom with button box momo) need all rounder not purchasing multiple wheels)

Butt kickers x4? Sim vibe? Dunno did get 4 life plates with rig.

i  want to drive using clutch pedal some times I don't know if a sequential shifter would be a waste if I am going to have paddles on my wheel, so maybe I should grab an h pattern and if so who makes the nicest one.

Basicly as of now I'm looking for advice on the things I haven't accumulated yet for people who have maybe tried out multiple periphrials any thoughts are welcome and apreciated



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I would return or sell your second gpu card 1080 . There are very few games and sims  that support SLI . I had 2x 980 TI and sold them for 1x 1080TI and the 1080 TI runs so much better than the 2 x 980TI . I have triple 43" 4k tv's and the 1080TI runs them with no issues .Use that extra cash towards a direct drive wheel.

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