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Nascar 2011....Six weeks in

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So after six weeks (ish) of the title how's it looking?

I have to say that given the lack of posts it doesn't look like its doing too well in Nascar heartland.

Any one have any reflection on the game after all has settled dowm.

My own hope that the distributors would relent and release in Europe looks a forlorn hope.

All comments (constructive) appreciated.


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The game is fun alone on the track, in practice, with a gamepad (good physics with very bad support for wheel/FFB).

The AI and collisions are very bad, so the races too.

The sound is very good, but the graphics around the tracks ugly.

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Eutechnyx is trying to get the patch out that fixes the bugs, but with PSN being down they cant test it yet, so whenever PSN comes on after a week or to we should get the patch. Here is the patch list and a message from there forums.


Fix lack of Caution Flags - Fixed (F)

Fix issues with the A.I. exiting the pits and then pulling straight up the track - Fixed (F)

Fix Cautions Lights being illuminated all of the time - Fixed (F)

Improve the PS3 voice comms - Fixed (F)

Fix the instant wrecking during Online Rolling Starts - Fixed (F)

Fix the Lobby Race Start Counter freezing - Fixed (F)

Fix Spotter saying “Clear” too often - Fixed (F)

Truex Jr. & Bill Elliott being corrupt during celebrations - Fixed This may need to be held back until the DLC pack due to the size of the fix. Microsoft limits the size.

Hardcore mode enabled on Xbox 360. PS3 already works - Fixed (F)

Fix Custom Setups working Online - Fixed (F)

Car rolling away during a celebration leaving the driver celebrating in mid-air - Fixed (F)

Pace car lights in single player are on all of the time - Fixed (F)

Issues with the Lucky Dog rule - Fixed (F)

Issues with the Wave Around rule - Fixed (F)

Improve FFB and wheel sensitivity options - Fixed (F)

Slow Down indicator is no longer displayed on Talladega as it's a wide open track - Fixed (F)

Loss of Save - Fixed (F) 4/15

Spotter says “Clear” when there are cars along side the player - Fixed (F) 4/18

Green White Checker problems - Should read “Caution - 1st Green White Checker” - Fixed (F) 4/18

Opponent cars floating above the track - Fixed (F) 4/20

Loss of Save - In Test 4/20

Improve general stability and freezing issues - In Test 4/20

Fix the Rolling Starts Online/Offline so the cars begin in the correct formation and together - Fixed (F) 4/21



In Private games, the host will start the timer when they are ready - Added (A)

Add support for the Porsche GT2 wheel (XBox 360) - Added (A)

Allow the HUD to be completely turned off - Added (A)

Ensure only Carl Edwards performs a back flip - Fixed (F)

Add the ability to change your Online Car - Added (A)

Add proximity indicator to split screen - Added (A)

Added Manufacturer Logos and Headlight / Taillight stickers to the Paint Shop- Added (A)

Adding time to the lobby count down when people enter a lobby - Improved (I)

Added a penalty mechanic to slow down the player when cutting corners on the Road Courses - Added (A)

A.I. difficulty being too easy when qualifying - Improved (I)

Added Wheel Control sensitivity option to the XBox 360 - Added (A)

Allow the Rival Icon to be turned off, use In Game options menu - Added (A)

Change the Gas indicator so it defaults to full in the pit stop interface - Added (A)

Add support for the T500 wheel - Added (A)

The sensitivity when using the stick to move / rotate etc. is too high - Improved (I)

Disable rubber banding - Added (A)

Legends Challenge, Only show the closest tag - Improved (I)

When any players are in a race, players in the lobby should see “PLAYERS STILL RACING” where it currently reads “AWAITING OTHER DRIVERS” in the lobby - Improved (I)

Added an Auto Kick system for removing disruptive players, Driving Backward or not Moving, in an online race - Added (A)

A.I. bunching on certain tracks - Improved (I)

Accelerated vinyl projection rendering, slightly faster on Xbox 360, almost twice as fast on PS3 - Improved (I)

Upped custom decal layer count from 50 to 75 - Improved (I)

Non-Supported wheels now have better general compatibility, Thustmaster (All) & Logitech (MoMo & GT Force) - Added (A)

Reconfigure the damage to improve the look and add more debris on impact - Improved (I) 4/15

Allow a greater selection of race distances in the lobby / private lobby. - Added (A) 4/18

A.I. pitting problems causing them to collide into each other - Improved (I) 4/18

Hitting the wall often turns the car ending up with the player facing the wrong way - Improved (I) 4/20

It’s difficult to start moving again if you’re on the grass or if you’re turned - Improved (I) 4/20

Online Collisions - Improved (I) 4/20

More smoke in Celebration burnouts - Improved (I) 4/20

Online lag affecting the ability to run closer to other cars trough corners without spinning - Improved (I) 4/20

Added a splash and go animation when just fuel is added during a stop - Added (A) 4/20

Draft effect both on the car and visual to be tweaked - Improved (I) 4/21

Free up the A.I. cars so that when they are hit by a player they will get loose - Improved (I) 4/21

A.I. being overly aggressive when bump drafting the player - Improved (I) 4/21

A.I. slamming their brakes on for no reason - Improved (I) 4/21


UPDATE 04/21/11: Patch #2 is now 100% Complete and has now gone into Full Test with Activision. Once testing has been completed it will then be submitted to Microsoft and Sony for Approval, Approximately 1-2 weeks.

The PS3 patch is stuck in limbo at the moment due to the fact that PSN has been down since the patch was completed. Due to a large proportion of the fixes directly relating to the online aspect of the game, it's simply been impossible to fully test the PS3 patch. So at this time we have no news regarding the PS3 patch, besides it's been delayed.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I think it's important that Patch #2 works and fixes issues without causing new problems.

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I wonder...

Who tests these games???

What we have seen so far recently is that ALL games come out full of bugs, not just one or two but a lot of issues that with proper testing would be sorted out prior to release.


You know, I completely agree. I find it shocking that a company as well know as Activision and for a title as popular as NASCAR - that a game can be released with so many bugs to it.

If I was the executive at NASCAR that negotiated this deal - I would be furious :evil: with the product. Particularly, given NASCAR's history with EA. Plus, when this licence was first announced that Eutechnics would be producing this game the way they wrote on the Forums... it was as though this game was already made :?: . If that were case - they would have had all the time in the world to test it.

One of the big moves for this title was going to be the release at the beginning of the NASCAR season (Something EA never did) and now we are coming up to the All Star Race and the racing league I run in still won't start their season until Patch 2 comes out.

Don't get me wrong. Overall I really like this game - specifically offline. But online.... :cry:

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Software being full of bugs on release is not something that is specific to gaming, unfortunately. This has been a trend that's getting worse and has been plaguing the entire software industry. Its really all about money, in my opinion. Companies need to get something out the door to get the revenue coming in after spending all that money for years of R&D on a given title.

I'm a interface software developer and we have this problem with almost all of our software vendors these days. We pretty much have to wait until a patch or two is released until jumping on the bandwagon and installing newly released software. I work in the Healthcare industry and we cannot tolerate bugs in the software that we use, because it could mean the life or death of our patients. Imagine the software at the lab having a bug where blood test results were coming back wrong. That would make it impossible for your doctor to diagnose your illness correctly and follow the appropriate plan of treatment.

As an example, the application that our hospitals use is being updated from version 5.6.4 to 5.6.5. That small update includes 2,231 enhancements and 10,548 bug fixes. YES, I did not mistype those numbers. Since we write software that interfaces with this application, we have to spend hundreds of man-hours testing all these fixes and enhancements before we implement this update. We pay the vendor literally millions of dollars for this software and - YES, WE have to test the updates. The vendor does test the fixes and enhancements before they release the update, but history has shown that those who just install these updates without testing them, get bitten - HARD.

So, I don't know if there's any solace in knowing that gamers are not alone in their plight of dealing with bugs in new releases, but the practice of releasing buggy products is ubiquitous in the software industry.

For companies that are trying to make a profit, meeting deadlines to start the revenue stream going is just far more important than releasing a product that is bug-free.

I've argued for years that the time and money spent fixing bugs is far more than the amount of money saved by meeting a release deadline, but no one listens to me - I'm just a software developer working for a small non-profit organization. :-)

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