Video: Rental Kart Racing for Fun
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A new kart racing park opened about 30 minutes north of Houston, so I drove up to try out the rental karts and begin to learn the smaller track. They also have a much longer pro track for "premium" members (those who own pro karts), and they often use it for special events, such as endurance races.

TIP: If you do something like this right after a major holiday, like the 4th of July, it's likely there won't be anyone there. Everyone's either broke or still recovering (or both) from the holiday.

Nice facility. I look forward to trying it out again soon... maybe in the fall when it isn't so hot and humid outside.

To record this video, I used my "Faux-Pro" action camera, "chin-mounted" on my own helmet.


This is video of one of the indoor electric kart locations in north Houston...


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