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Bass Shakers With Old Amp Setup Advise

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I'm a bit confused with my setup and don't want to blow anything!


I have 2 Aurasound 50W 4Ohm bass shakers and until my sub amp arrives I have an old Pioneer (vsx-915) Receiver / Amp that has 5.1 input on individual channels.

It is rated at 8-6Ohm per channel so two shakers in series I believe (thats the 100W limit of the amp/channel too).


Do I just put my PC 3.5mm stereo sound output to the 5.1 L/R RCA input of the amp and connect the bass shakers to the Front Speakers Output in series?

Is it fine without a high(or is is low?)-pass filter or crossover?


IMAGES: ignore the arrows to the SubOut. As I understand, that port is not used for what I intend to do. :)


FullSizeRender.jpg 2.jpeg


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As I am still figuring this out:

I have the amp on the 5.1 setting (the only way to get the 5 channel pass through I think). 


PC stereo in. 

Bass shakers in series on the front L 5.1 speaker out put. 


I still need to cancel out any high Frq (the iracing pit-guy is talking to me from my bum!) to the bass shakers (before the amp I suppose. 


Can I do this via software on windows PC? 

How would I eventually run a sim vibe 4 channel (one per wheel) rig though this amp?




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