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Shift 2, PC, and my Logitech G25 problems

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First off, I'm new here, so hello!

I recently have gotten into pc sim racing,

so far I am loving it!

Up until today, my game library existed of Race07 and Richard Burns Rally.

I noticed Shift 2: Unleashed was on sale through EAs website, so I decided

to go for it.

The problem I'm having is one I haven't necessarily seen elsewhere, but it's

tough to track this sort of thing down, so I apologize if this has been brought up


I cannot get the game to make my wheel turn at 540 degrees.

I've changed the settings in the Logitech Profiler, in the game,

I've tried editing the file inside the install folder. It will let me set and

save the settings at 540, but when I load the first race, it has defaulted back to

360. I've tried turning "read only" on the files, as well.

Any help you guys can provide would be AMAZING!

The game is unplayable this way, as far as i'm concerned.

Thanks much!

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hey "kealokian",sorry to hear yer having a tough time my friend,wish I could help you out,but I'm pretty much a "PS3" guy, it's stuff like this that keeps that way too! hehe..anyway,"Shaun" at "ISR" is more or less the "YODA" of all things "PC",Im sure either him ,Darin or perhaps one or more of the "PC" guys who browse these forums will have the answer to yer just hang in there and dont give up on "SHIFT 2U",because it is without a doubt an AWESOME racer! and I'm having a BLAST with it~["PS3 Version/ "DFGT"] good luck & good racing!

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Thanks for your reply ocaxeman.

I haven't yet figured out the solution to my problem, but I haven't quite given up hope yet, either.

I haven't given up on Shift 2, either, the game seems like a lot of fun and I really look forward to being

able to play it =)

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