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Please try these settings before putting it on Shibami ;)

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Just wanted to let you know the perfect setup for NFS2 ;) Its the perfect game now!!!

Please ISM, try these settings before rating the game. For me this game should get better

score than Gran Turismo or even Forza Motorsport.

First of all it makes a huge difference if you turn car damage on or only visually. I suggest full real car damage.

In-game settings

Vibration Strength = 100

Steering Dead Zone = 6

Steering Sensitivity = 100

Throttle Dead Zone = 3-10

Throttle Sens. = 90-100

Brake Dead Zone = 3-5

Brake Sensitivity = 80-100

Clutch Dead Zone = 0-5

Clutch Sensitivity = 50

Speed Sens. = 100

Speed Sens. Drift = 100

Steering Lock = 450

Steering Lock = 450

On the wheel settings

Sensitivity (SEn): 560 Force feedback strength (FF): 70 Vibration strength (Sho): 100 Drift mode (dri): 3 ABS: 100 Linearity (Lin): 0 Deadzone (dEA): 0 Spring (SPr): 3 Damper (dPr): -3

Other instructions

- Make sure to put speed sensitivity on 100 and to add deadzone in game.

- The Sensitivity on the wheel can be adjusted between 450 and 900 depending on car and track.

- If cars still feel unprecise in handling go to in game tuning and adjust steering lock

- If it is a loaner car from career, it might be good to turn on assists

- For drift cars need to be tuned and FF in game and on the wheel should be on 100 to find the right spot for drifting

After struggling a long time with settings shift 2 gives me more car feeling than forza ever did.

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Why are you adding deadzone to the steering? Just curious.

Sometimes I put a minimal deadzone on brake/throttle, just because a game or hardware might not completely release the brake/gas without it, but it's always as little as possible---0 being preferable. Steering I keep at 0 though, I don't like slack.

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The reason why I put deadzone to steering is the following: Real World Cars also have Deadzones. A minimal turn on the wheel shouldnt result in any steering actions on the car. Without putting deadzone, the cars feel too reactive to me.

Also sometimes especially on loaner cars I get wired FF (because you can't adjust steering lock in Tuning) when the car tries to bounce back after a curve. Dont know if this was solved in the last patch. So maybe for some cars a minimal deadzone of 1% would be sufficent now.

My settings are for xbox version, but should also work for other versions. I think the input lag comes from the speed sensitivity settings or Car Damage settings.

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Today i came home and found a new patch on xbox live which screwed up my settings. But the good news, not all of them.

Overall the Force Feedback is super strong now and Wheel Settings on the Fanatec wheel seem even more supported. Adjusting drift mode, damper and spring settings matter even more now.

My last post wasnt posted some how, so to answer the steering dead zone question. Real life cars also have a deadzone and I dont like the wheel to react on every single inch of my movement. So I like to put a deadzone which still give me enough reaction time

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I have tried these settings with the fanatec GT3 RS v2 wheel on PS3; Immediately after starting a race in Shift2 my car (on screen) and the Fanatec wheel turned to an angle of about 45 degrees. When I tried to correct the wheel, suddenly my car was floating in the air (?) and my wheel started a heavy shaking and wobbling...

When I returned to my 'old settings'*, everything was fine again. I 'm curious to know what platform Spaceharry is using his settings for?

*My old setting;


FFB 100

Steering Sensitivity 20%

Steering Deadzone 0%

Throttle Deadzone 0%

Throttle Sensitivity 10%

Brake Deadzone 0%

Brake Sensitivity 10%

Clutch Deadzone 0%

Clutch Sensitivity 100%

Speed Sensitivity 0%

Speed Sensitivity (Drift) 0%

Steering Lock 450%

Steering Lock (Drift) 900%

Invert Gears Normal

Invert Camera Y Axis Normal


Sensitivity (SEn): 450

Force feedback strength (FF): 100

Vibration strength (Sho): 100

Drift mode (dri): off

ABS: 54

Linearity (Lin): 10

Deadzone (dEA): 10

Spring (SPr): -3

Damper (dPr): -3

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Hey guys,I think the Ideal "Settings" for "SHIFT 2U" are going to be different for everybody~let me tell ya,Ive tried TONS of settings posted here,some of my own,& lots ive found on the net,and the person posting them claimed they were GREAT!..but when I tried them,most were beyond horrible~that's more than likley because everyone has their own driving style and personal preference when it comes down to it..but the biggest and most Important thing ive found is NO matter what you do to some cars,[settings/setups] they still drive like Sh*%!! while other cars drive AWESOME! just for instance-I must have spent 3 hours trying and trying to get the "Koenigsegg" to handle to the point where I could actually post a decent lap time with it..NOT!!!! no matter what settings or setups I used the beast still drove like a dumptruck,but then you have cars like the "Nissan GTR"~ Or the "Caterham RS500" that right off the bat drive stellar and spot on~and you are able to dial them in to where they just are about as perfect as you can get in a racing talking awesome,maybe after a few more patches some of the really "Crappy" cars may be able to be dialed in,and Im sure the "PC" version will have some crazy kickass mods coming soon,Im playing the "PS3" Version W/ a "DFGT" and after trying a huge amount of different settings and setups,have found that the "Default setting" still work best for me,but use the individual car setup menu to dial them in as close to perfect as I can.

I have to say~even with the bugs,glitches,and mixed car handling [from spot on gr8! to piss poor] "SHIFT 2U" has really,REALLY grown on me~and pretty much has become my absolute favorite racer on the "PS3",when you are in the right car,on the right track,the racing is about as close to perfect as Ive ever found,as much as I LOVE "GT5",[&the entire series for that matter] you just do not get the same sort of close racing you do with "SHIFT 2U"..the "AI" in this game is insane! I swear they hold grudges!,so even with it's bugs,glitches and mixed car handling,"SHIFT 2U" can give you a racing experience unlike any other title on the "PS3"~cheers and gr8 racing to all;)

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after the 2nd patch on xbox for shift2, it took me again a while to find out the right setting for me.

I still put 100% on speed sensitivity, dont know why ISM put sensitivity so low in their video. With low sensitivity you almost dont get any usable FFB from the wheel.

After the new patch I suggest to upper the steering lock in game to about 540 to 720. With higher steering lock there isnt any need anymore for a steering wheel deadzone in ingame settings, as far as I experienced so far.

Then I suddenly had FFB dropouts after each start. First I thought it was because of the new patch, but I think it was mc AC Adpater for the wheel, which had its cable not pluged in rightly...

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Since the latest patch for the Xbox I keep getting FFB drop outs all the while on my Fanatec GT2 so I don't think it's necessarily your wheel. It only used to happen occasionally before but now seems to be almost every race. If I pause then resume I will then get FFB working correctly, but it is really annoying me now. Hopefully we'll get a patch for the patch soon, because other than that I'm really enjoying playing the game!

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ok. i give up on this game. since the last patch on xbox my FF keeps dropping out randomly at the start of every race. Parameters in the in gamne settings keeps changing without me making any changes. Everyday I was looking forward again to play the game, but everytime some tiny little settings keeps ruining the fun. I really like to find out nice settings and tunes for cars, but this i just embarassing.

Dont know how it is on pc or ps3, but withouth another patch on xbox this game will stay inside my shelf.

Before the last patch I almost found the perfect settings for me, but now its all crap.

I am sure that I spent more than 12 hours to find the right settings, and I am sure that others also spent their time. At some time I thought the time spent was worth it, because at times Shift2 really felt like the king of all racers. But for now its over between me and this honey ;)

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Well "Spaceharry"~I cannot Vouch for All "PS3" racers out there,nor do I know if any "PC" racers are having these problems,I can only tell you, I myself have not had ANY problems at all after the second patch,[PS3 320/DFGT]and if anything~ it's just Improved the Game overall,yes there are still some cars that are pure garbage,and basicaly undrivable for the most part,but some of the so~so cars have gotten much better,and the really SWEET ones have just got AWESOME! I have heard a lot of "X Box" guys saying they are having some pretty weird issues after the last patch,and maybe this is an "X~Box" Only problem,I honestly do not know buddy,but I'm LOVING this title BIGTIME! and have had no problems with my "DFGT" whatsoever,the "FF" is Decent to very good depending on the car,with no loss at anytime.

Sorry to hear yer having these problems my friend,Hope you get it all sorted out very soon,because "SHIFT 2U" is way too much fun for it to sit on the ole "86" shelf collecting dust! ;)

good luck & good racing.

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by spaceharry » Thu May 12, 2011 7:07 am

"i wonder how you got the 2nd ps3 patch? psn is down since weeks..."


All too true "spaceharry"~but just because the "PSN" Is down,it does not effect my ability to recieve patches/updates via the internet,at first I thought the same thing,how am I going to get the damn Patches/updates when the *&^%'n "PSN" has been down for like 10 days!but sure enough when I fired up "SHIFT 2U" a few days ago,there it was~"the newest version of this software has been found version 1.2" so thats "how" "spaceharry~ 8-)

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