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USB Pedal Issue [FIXED]

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Fanatec CSR Elite (plugged direct to PC via USB).

Same issue this G25 user:


with wheel calibration, pedals are stucked. my wheel is logitech G25. even if i did not touch any pedal, it detected as 100%. but as soon as press just little, it just drop to 0 and increasing to 100% i cannot even start my car. how can I reset these calibration setting?

My wheel (OSW SimuCUBE) and shifter as handbrake (TH8A) is being detected correctly... but pedals are making it unplayable with wheel/pedals. Ideas? Going to try and delete any config files I can and see if I can start calibration from scratch again.

EDIT: FIXED! All items were double/triple bound to other indiviaual inputs in my 3 device + keyboard setup. Once I unbound the pedals from all other menus (except the Fanatec Pedals) it works 100%!

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