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CONTEST CLOSED - DiRT 4 PC Test Drive + Giveaway - All 3 Landrush Locations

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Wow, winning this giveaway would be awesome!!!

Greetings from an Italian long time youtube subscriber since the good ol' reviews with Jessica and Darin!!!

platform: Steam or xbox no preference (i'm not in US so i cannot redeem the PS4 code unfortunately)


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PC version would be great. Good luck all!!!!


Planning on doing more live streams of my (attempts at) driving and playing different games of varying ages. practice practice practice. all good fun

In a bit


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On 6/6/2017 at 10:32 AM, John Sabol said:

Presenting our latest Test Drive of DiRT 4 on the PC with us checking out Landrush.  But you already knew that...

Now on to the real reason you're here.  We are doing a little DiRT 4 giveaway.  We have 3 copies of the game to giveaway; 1 on Steam, 1 on PS4 and 1 on Xbox One.  Steam and Xbox One codes can be redeemed worldwide, PS4 code is for North America only.

Here's how you enter for a chance to win DiRT 4.

1) Sign up here at the ISRTV forums (and we hope you stay awhile even after the giveaway)

2) Comment below letting us know what platform you would like DiRT 4 on (and write whatever else is on your mind)

3) That's it.

We will contact the winners via PM here on the forums this Friday (June 9th).  Good luck!

PS4. Loved Dirt Rally! 

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