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DFGT Pedals Question?

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This is all I have had time to throw together for you on the pedals.

There are to ways to stiffen a spring one is to take out coils and the other is to unwind the spring causing a preload. You will be able to see in the attached photos that by unwinding the stock spring that is in the unit already, I have caused a great deal of preloading causing a much firmer pedal.

To unwind the spring, I used two pairs of channel lock pliers grabbed both ends of the spring and uncoiled it. (see photos below) While it is mounted in the housing its just short of 90 degrees. This makes it a little difficult to add the cover, but if you start at the back angling it, and use it to compress the spring. Then once you have it flat add the screws. I hope this helps you!

As you can see in these photos the brake pedal has a lot more resistance with just a minor change in the spring.





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