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Multiclass Endurance Championship

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Welcome to the first season of the Sim Racing Online Multiclass Endurance Championship on rFactor 1 here at SRO. This should be a very interesting series using the Enduracers Endurance mod to test one’s adaptability to different kinds of tracks.

The championship will be contested over 6 rounds. The racing will take place on famous circuits from all over the globe. | Road America | Circuit of the Americas | Laguna Seca| Bahrain | Abu Dhabi | Will play host to the championship.

Live Action:

Sim Racing Online Multiclass Endurance Championship Calendar:

Qualifying: 16:00 BST 10 Minutes
Race: 16:15 BST 10 Minutes

Round 1.| 21-05-2017 | Road America |
Round 2.| 04-06-2017 | Circuit of the Americas |
Round 3.| 18-06-2017 | LeMans 2012 |
Round 4.| 02-07-2017 | Laguna Seca |
Round 5.| 16-07-2017 | Bahrain |
Round 6.| 30-07 2017 | Abu Dhabi |

Driver Aids:
Automatic Clutch: Yes
Automatic Gears: No
Traction Control: Yes
Anti-Lock Braking: No
Stability Control: No
Spin Recovery: No
Steering Assist: No
Braking Assist: No
Car Damage: 75%
Tyre Wear: 100%
Fuel Usage: 100%
Driving View: Cockpit & TV Cockpit

Everyone Welcome Free Racing

More information HERE

Sign up HERE

Multiclass Endurance Championship Logo.png

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