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Monitor Shopping Advice

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So... I built earlier this year a gaming computer (really my first gaming computer). The goal was to eventually get to a 1440p triple screen. Well, the day has finally come that I start shopping for said monitors, but I'm by no means an expert. I was pointed here as many of you run the same "Simulation" type titles that I run Assetto Corsa, ATS, ETS2, FS17). Anyways, I was hoping for some advise and a little guidance.  Also, I should note that I've been running off my T.V. for my P.C. gaming for over a year now, so my expectations I don't think are that high.

I get that the lower the response time the better, but is 5ms okay, or do I need to save longer for 1ms monitors. Being someone who's used to a T.V. is it really necessary for me to get G-sync monitors? Is LCD/LED okay, or should I get one with backlighting also? Anyways, thanks for the input,


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