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FUDs Racing League (a fun league across all racing types in Project Cars)

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I'm starting a new racing league in Project Cars for Xbox One. We already have a community of 20 members and 6 to 8 that race on Project Cars. We already have done leagues in Forza 6 and Formula 1 2016 everyone in the league are ready for a Project Cars league. The racing will be across all the different racing types in Project Cars but the real type will race on a track that the real series races at. For instance we will race the DTM cars at Hockinheim and NASCAR stock cars at Watkins Glen. There will be a champion crown for the different divisions. One for open wheel, stock cars, Prototypes, touring cars and GT3. Of course a overall champ will be crowned also. Any questions at all message my gamertag on Xbox Live (RazMaTaz87) or the FUDs Racing club. Thanks for your interest in our league.

Xbox Live Gamertag: RazMaTaz87
Xbox Club: FUDs Racing

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