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Thrustmaster Redefines Normal

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After about 6 weeks my TS-PC Racer developed a buzzing noise which would start up about 5 or 10 mins after I started using the wheel. I bought it direct from TM so better raise a support ticket I thought. I done so and sent  them a description of the problem along with a video of the noise.
I was trying to get TM to send me a replacement wheel before I had to send mine off for repair as being without it is a huge inconvenience but the signs weren't good. 3 days and several calls and emails later while waiting to hear about whether they would send me a replacement first I got this in an email (extracted the relevant part below verbatim).
We have been informed that the type and level of noise that you are getting from the unit is normal.
This has been replicated on some of our own units used in all sorts of testing.
This noise is caused by the fan inside the unit and the level of it is within the normal limits.

This is the very video I sent them:

Here was crazy old me thinking my PC-Racer was faulty. I'm of course much happier now that my PC Racer isn't faulty after all and that noise I can hear through noise cancelling headphones while a car engine blares through them comes as standard with TS-PC Racers.
So if you have a PC Racer don't worry folks, it's normal!! If you are thinking of buying one though you might have to wait a few weeks for this feature to appear.
PS - I asked for a refund after this. I didn't get one so I'm left with a £500 faulty wheel they won't repair. 
PPS - morale of the story is don't buy direct from Thrustmaster as their support is awful and TBH don't buy a TS-PC Racer as in their words - a loud buzzing noise coming from the base is "normal".
PPPS - apologies if you've already read this post elsewhere - I'm spreading the news

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First of all, the response you received ( WE HAVE BEEN INFORMED ). This leads me to believe that it is not Thrustmaster themselves but a authorized repair center

The response you received is absolute bull, due to the fact that the sound in your video is due to one of the fan blades coming into contact with something near the fan housing.

This could be several things such as excessive fan prop endplay - not properly centered on the motor shaft - wires or straps etc. etc. in the way of the fan.

In the long run this will damage the fan motor and should not continue to run in this manner .

I can not believe that they would consider this to be normal. PERIOD.

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