how to setup PORT FORWARDING on ROUTER? needed?

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hi all, I have little server applications (for games) which are installed on the GamingPC, they provide telemetry to MOBILE DEVICES connected through WiFi to the same LAN as the GamingPC.
GamingPC: (static IP)
gateway (router): 
dns (router):

basically the programs/ server style software are transmitting via UDP ports and the client based apps are connecting to the IP gamingPC program, or that's how they communicate.

BUT client apps, tested on mobile devices, Android, iOS and Windows, are lagging, meaning there is delay in receiving data on the mobile device, clearly visible compared to the screen of the GamingPC. question is, what do i need to do on the router? or on the GamingPC or on the mobile devices to get rid of the lag? what could be blocking or causing the lag?

ROUTER IS: ASUS RT-AC87R (latest firmware)
screenshot of possible PORT FORWARDING but what do i enter here? 

i have checked windows firewall, but didn't really find anything, unless i have to change something or add something there too?

just don't understand why there is any lag at all. 
- WiFi device is very close 6-8 feet away from mobile devices, can ping each other no problems, and various network tests and data transfer tests are wonderfully quick.

thanks all.

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