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WTS Unopened Obutto in NYC area

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Hi guys, I have a brand new unopened obutto gaming cockpit that I cant take advantage of right now. Unfortunately I found out that I wont be able to return for my summer position like I expected so I've been tightening up on money ever since I found out. So the next thing to go is the gaming rig I just ordered. Had I found out sooner I wouldn't have placed the order but seeing as how its on the other side of the country, sending it back just isn't practical. So if you live in the NY-metro area this is your lucky break if you wanted to cash in on the most cost effective and practical gaming rigs out there.

PM me if you're interested. I am willing to drive up to 1 hour from my house to deliver it. This is the real deal and I can show the invoice to any interested parties, ordered from

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