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Boss Sim Rig - V1 Wheelstand

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Hello everyone.  I have been a sim racing enthusiast for the past 20+ yrs and being budget minded [as a racer, any extra money should be put towards gas and tires, amirite?!], I've always looked for cost effective solutions and I've never really had the room for a full sim rig.  Now that I'm working at a steel fabricator in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, I have have access and the means to put some of what I've always wanted to build into fruition. 

Using a modular connector system that is rated and tested as OSHA approved safety railing, I've based our system on sturdiness and rigidity.  Furthermore, my friends and I invested in wheelstands from popular manufacturers and one thing that has always annoyed us is the middle post several wheelstands featured.  Depending on your driving style, this could hinder right foot braking or you just got used to it.  Our wheelstand address this with no centre post with ergonomically tested dimensions to suit most sizes.  In addition, we have added a variation with adjustability while we continue to develop our V2 sim rig and V3 cockpit.

We have developed the V1 wheelstand as a easily assembled kit with an included allen wrench; and all you'll need is a couple of 1/2" wrench to attach the included wheel and pedal plate.  All pieces are heavy duty steel to provide the sturdiness required for a stable base that gives you confidence to drive it like you mean it...or stole it!

Please check out the pics and let me know what you think!

*I wanted to post pics here but I guess I can't yet.  So please check out this link for pictures:

**UPDATE: I can post pics now!  =)






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