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RFactor2 Developers wanted!

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Hi there, we are looking for a developer or a team of developers who can help in the following:


1.       Investigate and find the best way to protect custom built tracks and kart models on rfactor2


We are building custom tracks and kart models for rfactor2 which we want to sell as a license to our customers.  What we are trying to achieve is that we only provide access to our tracks and kart models whilst the customer has a subscription to use them.  The pathways we want to protect are:





There is a config file in rfactor2 where you can change the destination of where these files are stored.


2.       Build an ecommerce solution to allow subscriptions through web.


As well as this we need a back end solution where we can manage subscriptions and a frontend solution where customers can sign up and pay.  For payments we want to use PayPal.  Customers will be able to buy a certain number of tracks/cars and the amount they pay will depend on how many they want to purchase.


3.       Customise rfactor2 Online Gaming


Customise the rfactor 2 online gaming experience and user options to allow us to hold custom online races for the UK karting community and help with other rfactor2 menu customisations.


If you feel you can help us out with any of the above and for further info please contact us on:  


[email protected]


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