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Excuse my ignorance - transducer questions

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I would like to add bass shakers/transducers to my racing simulation rig without breaking the bank and I'm trying to decide on what to buy, but I have questions because I don't have any experience when it comes to audio components.


1. Does the strength of the transducer depend on the power (watts) or the impedance (ohms)? For instance these two shakers are the same (15 watts) but come in 8 ohm or 16 ohm 

[] or []. 

This one is 4 ohms and 20 watts


I'm not sure if there'll be that much difference between 15 watts and 20 watts


2. Which ever you help me settle on, I will be getting 4 of them for the 4 corners of my rig, using SimVibe. I'm guessing I need a 4 channel amplifier. My second question would be how do choose the amp intense of power (watts) and impedance (ohms)? Would be the sum of the power (say 4 x 15watts) and how would impedance play into it.


Thanks for the replies

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The Pucks are tested and entry level.


I'd go for something like that :


which is probably the mechanism of Aura Pro's without the cooling cover.

Easy to be tuned with extra weight as well and really cheap for now.

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