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This is their legit account.  Same account as they are within the KartKraft official forums, as well as for those who had Closed Beta Keys (which were via Steam).

Guess in theory I'm still under NDA... but I will say that the "closed beta" was an extremely painful process.  Just more lack of communication from the project... just like when it was first announced (oh so long ago) as KartSim.  Upon release of the keys there was about 3-5 quick updates provided (within a month window)... than they went silent.  Within the internal beta forum it was apparent that there was later created a 2nd tier of internal closed beta testers (likely those with most hours played, and most valuable feedback provided in that first month or two of the larger beta).  But even few of this group said on the beta forums it has been long time since even their last update or communication.

That said, without going in to too much detail (to be fair to the NDA), KartKraft has huge potential.  I'm not holding my breath... it'll happen, when it will happen... and I will likely buy on day one when it hits Early Access.

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