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F1 sim rig idea (help needed)

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Hello everybody,

Seeing this is my first post on here, let me start out by introducing myself. My name is Kevin, I live in The Netherlands, and have been sim racing ever since i was a little kid. Next to racing, my life consist out of making music (i have my own band) and working in IT. I have never owned my own race rig, although i always wanted one, which after a little time on google brought me to you guys

Now let me start off by giving you guys a view of what kind of idea i got.

I want to build a cost efficient F1 style rig from wood comparable to SteveS' Super sport F1 plan (the wooden version) which i stumbled across on this DIY forum, only then without sidepods and without those stylish holes cut out on the sides/front/back. The reason for this is because i want to use polyurethane foam on this wooden frame (thinking about cost and weight efficiency) to actually replicate a F1 2015 torro rosso body (only the cockpit, meaning from front wing to the air box/t-cam)

i've already built a pc with a 3 monitor (all of them 22") setup specifically for this project, and i still got an old Logitech wingman formula force Wheel that i'll be using (managed to get it running under win 8.1 with an old tweaked win7 driver) untill i saved enough to buy a thrustmaster t300 which i want to use on this project.


Now i've actually got some problems i stumbled across:

1. it has to be cost efficient because im under quite some debt (i'll save you guys the details) and thus have someone take care of my fanancial situation. this leads to me having little budget for other things then food.

what kind of wood should i go for thats sturdy, yet still cheap? and how do i tackle the seat without spending much?

2. seeing i live in a flat, and am not planning to live there all my life, it has to be portable and has to be able to fit through doors. would be appreciated if it wouldn't become too heavy aswell.

any idea's on how i could detach the polyurethane foam sidepods (seeing it has to fit through a door) without having to pay too much for this construction?

3. would polyurethane foam be strong enough to withstand an accidental thump?

if not... what could i do to make it more sturdy without spending too much? or is there a compareable material that is as cost efficient as polyurethane, yet sturdier?

4. what proportion's should i use to make it look close to a real STR, while still being able to fit everything in there?


I sincerely hope you guys can give me some pointers as i myself don't know where to start atm (great idea's, loads of time, yet lack of recourses)


Kind regards,


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btw, just to make clear, i haven't started this thread to get free blueprints or sympathy deals.

I genuinely want to build a rig that looks sort-alike of a formula one car all by myself, making the drawings and all myself.

to give you guys an update, i decided to use 2 old ikea tv cabinets to start out with seen i already had then lying around, and seen they always managed to hold a lot of weight. I think with a bit of luck it might get me quite the way. I've taken some pictures so you guys can see what i'm talking about.

I'm still stuck on what measurements to use, but i'm at least making

seeing i saw people in some threads use a f1 picture as some sort of measurement, maybe someone might help me in the way of finding a 1:1 torro rosso picture?


Kind regards



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Hello. You can use the of the formula 1 cut in half. I think that this is a 2009 model. You have all the data here. The section line of the seat, the angle of steering wheel, pedals etc. I think that you must measure the diagonal from the steering to the top of the headrest to scale the image so you can measure what you need, that being the exact measure you can find on the internet (it's a FIA regulation). I can give a tip. If you will try to put you sim in exactly the same position as in the image you will hit your knees in the motor of the steering wheel. So the only solution is to put it a little bit higher.

You can use 18mm plywood to build a nice cheap sturdy rig.

Good luck.


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