Sam Maxwell Thrustmaster Sparco P310 Rim SOLD!!!

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Hey guys,

I had this rim posted a while ago and had several potential sales....but none materialized into anything but "potential" lol.   I actually purchased this from another member on these boards about a year ago but I don't really seem to have much use for it since I purchased the Oculus Rift.   I currently use a T500 and it simply installs the same way a thrustmaster wheel would.  The adapter piece could very easily be changed out to a quick release for those higher end bases but this only come with the Thrustmaster DSD adapter.  Everything works 100%!!!!!  It's just sitting on my shelf waiting for a new home. I have it priced at $600 shipped within the US.  I've done countless of sales on ebay under the username bmxthrasher19.   










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buyer backed out

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Crap!!! Wasn't aware of you guys replying on the actual thread, figured everyone would of PM'ed me lol.   As for how old it is...I'm not quite sure.   I purchased this about a year ago from another member on these boards so I wouldn't be able to tell you how long he had it for.  It still functions 100%.  You simply plug the usb cable attached the the wheel and would then need to map the buttons(personal preferences).  The Pro-race dislplay is an overkill for me since I use VR but it does function(you would need to download the software and place parameters).  Everyone seems to be asking for a price...but like I mentioned in my original post, I wasn't sure what price to set this at, I've had a few decent offers(and few low ball offers).  Shoot me offers and we will go from there. Shipping to most places in the US seems to be $20-$30 through UPS. 

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