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Thrustmaster VG T300 Alcantera problems on PS4

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At first was temperamental. If I at all touched the remote it would disconnect the wheel and I would have to change it back in settings. Now today it won't work at all. The only button that works is the PS Home button. Doesn't work for ACorsa or PCars.....please help.....T300 isn't an option as a wheel choice either

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OK, check this out:

Does not work properly with GT Sport. The function buttons don't match up with the configuration utility in GT Sport.
The original T300RS wheel most likely works fine. But anyone who got the Ferrari Alcontara edition wheel is screwed.
When you look at the GT Sport wheel roster, I think there are a lot of unhappy folks out there.

Will PD/Sony actually update the wheels?     Stay tuned!


1. Use PS3 Mode for the "T300RS "ALCANTAR" Ferrari wheel in GT Sport. If you don't own a special edition Thrustmaster wheel base it might be a good thing.

Why? Because PD/Sony did not include any of the button functions for anything other than the regular T300RS. It seem the GT sponsored wheels like the T500RS are good to go. But any "Special" wheels like Ferrari or Ferrari XXX packages are not on the menu. This means your button functions are basically screwed completely up. More on that later.

2. If you are using the TH8-RS shifter, plug it into the wheel base. Do not plug the wheel and shifter into your PS4.

3. Insure the RED Mode light is one.

After making the setting changes to your wheel base, restart your PS4. It should do the calibration routine, you know spin left, spin right and center itself while the PS is booting.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: You know GT Sport has recognized your T300RS if it calibrates again when you start GT Sport.

As for the buttons, I would try setting them all to N/A except for the shift paddles. This way you can go in and test which buttons actually work for the special T300RS wheels. It's a sad thing, but it seems to be the only way. I would hope PD/Sony will eventually include the full range of Thrustmaster wheel models.

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