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SimVibe setup with Chassis Mode and/ or Extended Mode (Tactile Tranducer System)

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hi all, trying to setup a TACTILE TRANSDUCER SYSTEM, looking forward to getting feedback from experienced users and people who have setup their systems, with low to high end budgets on 80/20 or 120/40 (basically Aluminium/ Aluminum Extrusion Rigs/Cockpits) SimRigs.
*** are there specific locations which work best on AluExtrusion Rigs? (4x corners? under pedals? under seat? other locations?
  1. Hardware:
    • rubber feet? plastic feet? wires/ cables? connectors? AluRig mounting plates?
  2. External Sounds Cards:
    • 1x or 2x Sounds Cards? (specific brand?)
  3. Amplifier(s):
    • 1x or 2x Amps? (Emotiva? iNuke?)
  4. Bass Transducers
    •  2x/4x/6x/8x -> Clark Synthesis? ButtKickers? Bass Shakers?
thank you all for your help in advance.

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I struggled at first with what equipment was needed and how to configure everything so all I can do is share what I ended up with. I am happy with my current configuration and it definitely adds to the emersion factor.

I have an 80/20 rig and mounted a straight bar across the front and back of the rig in which I mounted my bass shakers.  I then used rubber feet under the rig and the entire rig sits on a wooden base. See photo.

Parts I am using:

Rubber feet for under rig -

4 Aura Bass Shakers (

2- Dayton audio APA 150 ( - main thing to watch out for is how many output channels the amp has.  This model has 2 outputs so you need one for the front 2 shakers and one for the back 2 shakers. (watts and ohms are important as well)

1 - PCI Sound Card - don't recall the exact model (Audigy Sound Blaster) - I use the internal sound for my speakers

You will need 2 - 3.5 mm to RCA cables to connect from the black/green output of the sound card to each amp.

SimVibe Software in chasis mode to control everything.

There are many options out there so hope this helps.  Watching the ISRTV video is helpful as well:



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question: I want to pull the trigger to run in EM (SimVibe Extended Mode) and wanted to ask here experienced SimVibe pro's and guru's what you think of the below and what cables/ connectors and etc i will need to complete my setup.
1x AMP:
1x shaker#1 under seat: BK LFE
1x shaker#2 under pedals: TST239 Silver

what do you think? any suggestions or recommendations? 

*** I don't know what cables/ connectors and other extras I will require.

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Hi Rocafella 1978,

I have a similar setup and in my opinion:

1. Buy a Behringer iNuke 3000dsp amp.  This will run both the LFE and the TST very well.


2. Buy the 2 ohm model of the LFE.  The above amp will drive 1500 watts into this buttkicker

You will need an additional sound card to drive the extension mode.  Make sure it is a different make/model than the one you are running to drive your chassis mode.  If you buy the same card, you will have driver problems.


2  1/8" stereo to 1/4" mono cables    to connect from sound card to the amp

2  speakon cables  male to male to connect from the Amp to the transducers

2 speakon female connectors to connect to the Lfe and TST


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hello everyone. hoping for some help, for someone who has no clue what to do. i purchased hardware off a guy who was selling his shop stuff.

4x BK mini-LFE's (white and black wire bare cable hanging -> 

2x t.amp e-400

1x Soundcard Asus Xonar DGX and 1x Soundcard Asus Xonar DSX (do i need both cards to use?)

what cables and wires will i need? do i need to cut and solder anything?

thank you all.


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